Other Experience and Work

Currently, I am a Financial Analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton in DC.

I am also an experienced researcher in Sociology. I have worked with Professor Fiona Greenland in the Sociology Department on two separate projects that involved data analysis, critical problem solving, development of coding methods, and French to English translation. You can read more about this in the Academic Works section.

I am also an experienced private tutor with a demonstated history of success in the e-learning industry.

I have tutored professionally in AP U.S History, AP European History, French 1-AP, College Level French, ESL, College Application Preparation, SAT English and Writing, SAT Reading, ACT Reading and Writing.

In addition to these subjects, I work one on one with students dealing with ADHD and ADD to focus their energy in a positive and productive way in school.

Please fill out the contact us sheet if you are interested in any of my tutoring services.

About Me

Check out my recent article in America. 

In addition to my interest in religion, politics, and issues of the Common Good, I also have dedicated many years of my life to the acquisition of the French language.

I began studying French at the age of 5 and continue to study the language at UVA, including a semester in Lyon, France. I am fluent in French and have served as a translator, interpretator, and tutor for French. At University, I also studied Spanish and have advanced working proficiency in Spanish as well.

Service and Selected Volunteer Experience

Currently I serve on the Saint John Paul the Great Board of Advancement and Saint John Paul the Great Alumni Board.

While at UVA, I served on the Sociology Major Advisory Committee and French Undergraduate Advisory Council.

I also volunteered as a Big Brother with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge, a Workplace ESL Assistant for VISAS at UVA, and a musical director for Empowered Players- a Fluvanna based nonprofit.

Research Interests

Aesthetic Formation and Curation, Cultural Sociology, Elite Organizations, Francophone Cultures, Group Formation Interactionism, Language and Migration, Race and Ethnicity, and the intersection of gender and class.


I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. This is my message for his Catholic supporters today. To my fellow Catholics who have also seen the fear and sadness in people's eyes over the last four years: it doesn't have to be this way.

Previous Academic papers:

The Effects of Colorism on the Immigrant Experience: A case study of American, Brazilian, and Indian identities.

The Historical Sociological Analysis of the Use of the N-word

Authoritarian Regimes and ISP Control as a Method of Supressing Rebellion

«Une menace» et« un péril mortel» : L’écriture dite inclusive

La Vérité ou non: La fonction des prières dans les hagiographies médiévals

El mayor sistema patriarcal que no ya ha entiendo: La lengua en cuanto al género